Vertical Assay Development

Vertical flow assay

Cytodiagnostics offers flexible solutions for development and manufacturing of vertical flow rapid test assays based on our noble-metal nanoparticles (gold and our unique gold nanourchins) in conjunction with MedMira's Rapid Vertical Flow Technology™.

By leveraging years of experience in nanoparticle manufacturing and assay development we can reduce the time from project inception to a finished product. Whether it is a smaller project or full-scale assay development project with the goal of launching a commercial product, Cytodiagnostics is here to help. 

Common project types:

  • Antibody conjugation and screening
  • New assay development
  • Transfer and optimization of existing proof-of-concept assay into a flow based rapid test setting.

If you are interested in our custom assay development services please contact us and we would be delighted to discuss your project.


vertical flow assay development phases


Develop Your Own Vertical Flow Assay 

For those aspiring to develop their own vertical flow assays, Cytodiagnostics offers a wealth of resources to help you embark on this journey.
We provide a vast array of research tools, materials, and kits tailored for lateral flow assay development. Our products are designed to streamline the development process, offering high-quality components and comprehensive technical support.

Whether you need specific reagents, specialized materials, or complete development kits, Cytodiagnostics equips you with everything required to start your VFA project. See Our Products.

Our expert team is also available to offer guidance and insights, ensuring your path to successful assay development is smooth and efficient. Contact Us if you need help!