Quality Policy

Our aim is to manufacture our products and bring them to our customers using a continuously evolving quality system. Achieving our goals requires a continuous desire to learn, embracing beliefs with conviction, and working efficiently at a high performance level.


Cytodiagnostics quality objective shall be achieved at all levels by adhering to the following core principles:

  • Achieving corporate and department goals in a team spirit by using our quality philosophy as a basis for success,
  • Evaluating and reviewing our work processes and determining the best approaches that will enhance our performance,
  • In keeping with our understanding of continuous improvement, bringing the efficiency in all of our processes to a level that will allow us to compete in the international arena,
  • Encouraging creative and innovative thought,
  • Provide the education and environment that will increase the capabilities of our staff and that will ensure their continuous self-development,
  • Creating a positive work environment and ensuring that this environment, coupled with our staff’s motivation, will make important contributions to our corporate success,
  • Commitment to flawless execution,
  • Respecting the personal integrities of our staff and protecting their individual rights.

Management and employees are all equally responsible for implementing and maintaining a rigorous sustainable quality management system to exemplify our quality policy.


All of our employees share the responsibility for quality and the flawless execution in all aspects of their work.