Aptamer Selection Service

Aptamers are short single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules capable of binding with precision to a wide range of targets, including proteins, small molecules, and even complex structures such as viruses and cells. They have been shown to possess immense potential in replacing antibodies for the development of new biosensors, diagnostics, and therapeutics. The discovery of aptamers is a critical process as its identification will lead to cost-effective production and scalability that can easily service the needs of any industry.

At CytoGroup we offer Aptamer selection service that leverages our expertise to assist you in developing aptamers tailored to your specific research or commercial needs. This service is designed to provide you with aptamers that meet stringent criteria, whether you require a high-affinity binding molecule for a therapeutic application, a specific recognition element for a diagnostic test, or a versatile tool for targeted drug delivery.

Our Approach to Aptamer Selection: 

Target Assessment: Our service begins with a comprehensive understanding of your target molecule or entity. We collaborate closely with you to define the requirements and characteristics you seek in the aptamer, such as binding affinity, specificity, and desired applications. 

Library Design: Based on the target information, we design a nucleic acid library that comprises a vast array of random sequences. This diversity ensures a wide exploration of potential aptamers. 

In Vitro Selection: Using the designed library, we employ in vitro selection techniques, including SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment). This process involves iterative cycles of selection, amplification, and enrichment to evolve high-affinity aptamers that specifically bind to the target. 

Screening and Characterization: The selected aptamers undergo thorough screening and characterization. We evaluate their binding kinetics, specificity, and other parameters to ensure they meet the desired criteria. 

Aptamer Optimization: Our team can further optimize the selected aptamers through techniques like truncation or modification to enhance their performance.

Validation: Prior to delivery, the aptamers are validated for stability and functionality, ensuring they perform reliably in your applications.


Why Choose Us?

IP Ownership: All intellectual property generated will belong to you! The aptamer sequence identity, its properties, and all related data will be transferred upon completion of the project. 

Complete Report: We will meet with you on a regular basis to provide progress reports and address any concerns that you may have. We stay connected with you to ensure we meet all your research and development needs.

Quality Control: All reagents and instruments used are inspected and tested to ensure they conform to our strict quality standards. All relevant oligonucleotides used in our SELEX experiments are analytically confirmed through mass spectrometry.

Tailored SELEX Design: Every SELEX target and end application is different. By using a foundation of more than 10 different selection approaches, we custom design every project to ensure the aptamer will function optimally in its final form. 


Contact us today to discuss your project and discover how our expertise can drive your research or commercial objectives forward.