Custom Antibody and Protein Conjugation to Gold Nanoparticles

Cytodiagnostics provides an array of options for customers to do their own conjugations. Our gold and silver nanoparticles, and gold nanourchins are optimally designed for efficient passive adsorption of a multitude of proteins, antibodies, thiolated oligos, and more. For covalent conjugates, Cytodiagnostics also provides ready-to-use kits: Gold Conjugation Kits, Silver Conjugation Kits, NanoUrchin Conjugation Kits.


Let Us Do It For You!

Cytodiagnostics custom conjugation services help design and produce your very own custom conjugate. This includes most ligands ranging from proteins to enzymes to oligonucleotides, and this service extends to all the nanoparticles in our expansive catalog. You as a customer tell us the parameters and end-goal you need met, and our team of experts will work out the rest for you.

Ligand Sourcing

·      Sourced by Cytodiagnostics

·      Provided by customer



Potential Ligands

·      Proteins

·      Full Antibodies (monoclonal, polyclonal)

·      Fab’, F(ab’)2, Fc, and scFv fragments

·      Enzymes

·      Aptamers

·      Thiolated Oligonucleotides

·      Aminated Oligonucleotides


Potential Nanoparticles

·      Standard spherical gold

·      Standard spherical silver

·      Gold NanoUrchins


Nanoparticle Sizes

·      5nm – 400nm (standard spherical gold)

·      10nm – 100nm (standard spherical silver)

·      50nm – 100nm (Gold NanoUrchins)

Average Final Product Yield

·      10 mL at 3 OD

Average Timeframe

·      1 – 2 weeks

Additional Services

·      Purification of conjugate

·      Functionality testing


*Based on application, customer needs, and protein characteristics, the listed product yield may vary.