About Us

CytoGroup is a biotechnology company based in Burlington, ON, Canada and Tulsa, OK, USA. Our goal is providing and developing high quality nanotechnology derived products and services for the diagnostics and life science markets. CytoGroup is also an affiliate of Cytodiagnostics

The main focus of CytoGroup is development of diagnostic assays for a wide range of purposes. These include lateral flow assays, vertical flow assays, ELISA, and ELASA. Both products and services are available. For more nanoparticle-focused products, visit Cytodiagnostics.

Our services are available to everyone, but are especially tailored to smaller and up-and-coming clients. Whether you have an idea in mind, need proof-of-concept, or need further product validation, don't hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to work with you to meet your end goals.