Lateral Flow Assay Development

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CytoGroup offers flexible solutions for development and manufacturing of lateral flow assays based on our noble-metal nanoparticles (standard gold nanoparticles and our unique gold nanourchins). 

CytoGroup has over 15 years of experience in rapid test development. Combining our technical expertise with our high-quality nanoparticles, we can simplify your development process to help produce the sensitive assay you require for your unique application. Well-versed in both standard antibody-based as well as cutting-edge aptamer/oligonucleotide-based assays, we offer services ranging from custom nanoparticle conjugation to whole lateral flow (LF) assay optimization. See Service Offerings

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Development stages

Lateral Flow Assay Services



Rapid test optimization: Antibody-based sandwich/direct/ 
competitive lateral flow  

·       Our team can perform all optimization of passive vs. covalent conjugates of your antibodies to determine which method is most suitable for your assay. 

·       Buffers, membrane striping conditions etc. can be optimized to give you the best possible sensitivity with the lowest background. 

·       Qualitative yes/no, semi-quantitative and quantitative (with band intensity reader) final assay formats available  

·       Phase-based projects: 

·     An initial prototype will be generated to check viability of the antibodies in an LF assay format. 

·     Further optimization/assistance towards commercialization available in subsequent phases 

Rapid test optimization: 

oligonucleotide-based lateral flow 

·       Same services available as for antibody-based lateral flow, but with our unique aptamer knowledge and techniques 

·       Services also available combining antibodies and aptamers as detection molecules 

Custom passive antibody/protein nanoparticle conjugation 

·       Allow our team of experts to perform laborious pH and protein loading experiments for you. 

·       We can determine which conditions yield the most stable and LF functional conjugate 

Custom covalent antibody/protein nanoparticle conjugation 

·       Our team will determine which linking chemistry best suits your antibody/protein. 

·       We can assess the conjugate for LF functionality and sensitivity 

oligonucleotide nanoparticle conjugation 

·       Our team can perform laborious salt aging methods for you along with modern OligoREADY, AptamerREADY and covalent methods. 

·       We can create multiple variations to determine which best suits your end usage