50nm AptamerREADY Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kit (10 reactions)

SKU: AGC-50-2


CytoGroup AptamerREADY™ Gold Nanoparticle Conjugation Kits have been optimized for high efficiency one-step conjugation of thiolated aptamers directly to the gold surface. 

The kit contains ready-to-use pre-made mixtures. No activation, manipulation or time consuming "salt-aging" steps are required for conjugation. Simply mix your thiol-modified aptamer with the pre-activated gold nanoparticles supplied in the kit. Conjugation of the aptamer is achieved by the formation of a strong and stable gold-thiol bond. 

Kit Components

  • 10 vials of 50nm AptamerREADY™ Gold Nanoparticles (lyophilized) - Sufficient for generation of 10 x 0.2 ml gold conjugate at OD=10

Features & Benefits

  • Results in thiol-aptamer bound directly to the gold surface through a stable thiol-gold bond.
  • Fast and convenient one-step conjugation reaction with no pre-activation requirements.
  • Does not require time consuming salt aging procedures saving you valuable research time.

Gold Nanoparticle Specifications

Gold Surface: Proprietary AptamerREADY™-coating

Core diameter: 50nm 

Concentration: OD=2 (when dissolved a final volume of 1 ml)

Particles per ml: ~7.02E+10 (when dissolved to a final volume of 1 ml)

Absorbance (lambda max): 535nm